Thursday, September 02, 2004


The promises of technology have once again proven themselves hollow. Here's the story:
We usually leave our computer on all day long, and turn it off at night. About a month ago, the monitor began blinking off, and it's off-blinking seemed to coincide with our footsteps as we would walk past the desk it was on. It was a nuisance, but when we stopped walking, it stopped blinking. Since we are accustomed to sitting while using the computer, the blinking didn't effect our computer usage.
But one day, the blinking stopped coinciding with our footsteps and began coninciding with the electromagnetic pulses of the earth's gravitational field (I have no idea what that means, but what I am trying to say is that the blinking happened continuously, even while we tried using the computer). After a time, the blinking was accompanied by a sizzling-popping noise. I've heard that sizzling-popping noises related to electricity are a negative thing, so I turned of the monitor and unplugged it. And there it has sat, taking up useful space. What's interesting about computer products is that while a piece of equipment is doing what it is supposed to do, it is wonderful. When that same piece of equipment ceases doing what it is supposed to do, it doesn't necessarily become useful for something else. When a tree's useful fruit-producing, shade-providing life is over, it can become a baseball bat or so many wooden spoons. When a shirt's useful body-covering, style-displaying life is over, it can become a rag or a hankie (or burp-cloth). But when a computer monitor's useful computer-monitoring, user-interfacing life is over, it becomes a broken monitor. If you think I am wrong, try stirring pudding or wiping up spilled Kool-Aid with your old keyboard...the results are embarrassing, and only serve to produce a bigger mess.

All this is to give you reasons why we haven't been able to update our blog with pictures of Emma. But let's use our imagination, shall we? Here's a picture of Emma after a recent bath. Her hair is sticking up like a punk-rocker's mohawk, and her skin is sour-cream white and shiny. Cute, huh?
Oh! Here's one where she is sitting in her bouncy-seat all wrapped up in a blanket. One of the corners of the blanket is sticking up above her head so she looks like an elf or gnome (you're doing the imagining, you pick).

OK. We'll try fix the monitor problem and put the real pictures on the site. For now, keep imagining the cutest baby you can...and that'll be Emma.