Thursday, February 15, 2007

my other blog

So I started another blog, it is my creative blog. I post things about my crafts, scrapbooking, house stuff and the girls. Feel free to check it out.

Have a good day.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I feel so old school talking about Waterdeep, but Jeremy and I have been listening to them lately. In particular, we are listening to their old stuff album. I have the blue disk at home and J has the green/yellow disk at work. The first time I heard a Waterdeep song I was at my friend Sarah's house in Kingwood. It was the summer before my freshman year at Baylor. We were hanging out upstairs and her older sister, Rebekah was playing the Sink or Swim cd. Sink or Swim was the first song I heard. I remember thinking Wow, Christian music doesn't have to be cheesy and from that point on my standerd for a Christain song was much higher. When Jeremy and I were dating one of our favorite things to do was go to their concerts. So fun, it's been a long time. You should check it out.