Monday, February 27, 2006

After the Zoo? Nite-nite.

All that sliding can wear a gal out. Good night!

So if for no other reason, you should move to Waco to live near us. But if you need another reason, try the Waco Zoo. Its the best. Here's Emma, sliding down the plexiglass slide through the sea-otter environment. Daddy's at the top with a smile, Mommy's at the end with a grin, and Emma is in first-time-on-a-slide glory!

Fast and Furious

Ok, so we have not been so good at blogging in the past. We freely admit that there have been long and negligent pauses in our posting, extended periods of an eerie quiet, 3625 Morrow blanketed in a lost silence. I mean, how hard is it to type a bit about our lives, post a few pics so our peeps and keep up? Really, its as though those Reeves wanted to disappear, like they have something to hide. Well, what if we did have something to hide? What of it? In the spirit of full disclosure, we are ready to come clean, ready to admit to the world the reason for our blogging barrier. You'd better sit down, and get a glass of Sprite to calm your stomach (for those like Timothy, you should exchange the Sprite for a glass of Merlot). Since the blogging beginning, we have suffered against an insurmountable enemy, a ghost in our machine, controlling our every cyber-move, inhibiting connectivity on all fronts. The bop bop bop beederrrrp beeeeeedlerrrrrrrp neenoorr neenoorr neeeenooooor of this adversary's tonal growl is a constant reminder of its hiding in the background. Its name? Dialup. And out of the silent planet came a warrior, a champion, to slay the Dialup-dragon. This champion rode the wires of the dragon's stomping ground, destroying the army of the dragon with his wireless weapon. The champion: SBC Yahoo DSL at the low, low price of $12.99/month.

Then the blogger ran out of creativity, the champion asserted its own tyrannical nature, and had to be tamed by the AT&T line technichian named "Jeff." Finally, all was brought into subjection to the one paying the bill, as it should be. The point of all this nonsense? Dialup is dead, DSL is (relatively) fast and furious, and we are beeeloggin'!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

For Christmas, Diane got a bag...a really big bag. Jeremy and Diane were happy...very happy.

Jeremy and Emma in the side-yard. Emma enjoyed playing the leaves; Jeremy was reading a book and drinking some sort of amber colored liquid...what is that, Jeremy?