Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Catch up with a catch all

Lots to say, and we're doing it all in one post. Relevant pics can be seen below:

1. We have a middle name for the new kid: Louise. Yep, so its Stella Louise. Thanks, we like it too. Yes, you can use it if you'd like.

2. The Best of Waco Club met again last month for chips and salsa from Jesse's Tortilla Factory. Apparently, Jesse was killed there a few years back, but the place is still his, and someone keeps making tortillas and frying 'em into chips. The salsa (which Texans ridiculously insist on calling "hot sauce") was great; very tomatoey (you say toe-maw-toe-esque, I say toe-may-to-ey), Emma even liked it. Since we didn't think it right to make a meal out of just chips and "hot sauce" we picked up some tamale's, also from Jesse's. Don't get us wrong, these are tasty tamales...but we were mistaken when thinking we could make a meal out of them. They should be called "ta-mini-males" or "ta-tiny-males" or "ta-small-ees" cause there just little. The verdict of the BOW Club is: get the chips and salsa, and get the ta-small-ees too, only, get two bags rather than one.

3. To beat the heat, we family-tripped to the Pecan Bottoms Spray Park in Cameron Park a few weeks ago. Yet another reason to move to Waco. So it gets hot here, sure, but we got cold water shootin' out of the ground and sprayin' out of colorful shaped pipes at the push of a button! Emma couldn't get enough...and check out Daddy, he's manning the button in the pics below.