Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy 2nd Emma!

On June 3rd, Emma turned 2! We had a backyard party with family and friends. The guests under 4 feet in height blew bubbles and played in the sandbox and playhouse. The guests over 4 feet assisted in the bubble production with the addition of a shop fan to increase both the bubble number and velocity; over-4-feet guests also stayed in a safely uncrouched position outside of the playhouse, and quietly but eagerly awaited a piece of cake.

When the time came for gifts, Emma quickly learned to say "Happy Birthday" (which she pronounces "appy birs-a-day") immediately upon opening the card, then she promptly cast the card aside to get to the real stuff. Thanks everyone for coming!

Best of Waco--Tres Leches

Best of Waco Club, entry #2:

The Critics picks in the Wacoan recommended we try the Tres Leches cakes from Fiesta Mart, an ethnic (?) grocery store in a largely post-white-flight section of Waco. Here is what the critics said: "This fabulous white cake, soaked in milk, is iced with whipped cream and topped beautifully with peaches, pineapple, and strawberries." According to the critics, Fiesta Mart's tres leches are the best within a 100-mile radius. Interestingly, googling "tres leches" reveals that the cakes from the Fiesta Mart in Austin Texas were awarded the highest overall score in an informal taste test of 8 tres leches purveyors there. Leaving aside obvious questions like "How 'informal' could the taste test have been if it included an 'overall score'", and "What constitutes a 'formal' taste test of a milk-soaked bread dessert," it seems that the Waco Critics are right about the 100-mile reach of Fiesta Mart's tres leches reign, at least in southerly direction. The best of Waco club (Joe, Anna, Jeremy, Diane) agrees: the tres leches deserve tres cheers.

The one caveat the Waco Critics provided was "May Be Addictive." True dat. The pic shows the cake in its handy flip-top carrying case.