Monday, October 15, 2007

Pics of the Pumpkin Patch

Over the weekend, we traveled to Grand Prairie to celebrate a double header: Papa's birthday and Uncle JJ's fiance's birthday. While there, we also did a little harvest celebrating as well. Avoiding the obvious questions about "harvest celebrating" for folks who get there "produce" from an "aisle" where it "rains" out of little nozzles every 15 minutes or so, lets move on to the pics. That is, after all, why you are here.
But first, I should tell you what you are about to see. There were pumpkins (large ones, small ones, orange ones, green bumpy ones, on the ground, in buckets, in troughs etc.), tractors, a hay maze (which made for a confusing day for that man whose last name was, apparently, Mays: anyone at the patch: "Hay maze!" Mr. Mays: "Hey what?!"), a corn maze, (which made for a confusing day for the Native Americans present, for whom "corn maize" is redundant), a playground, and lots of people. It was a beautiful day, so there are many pics. Here ya go:


sarahross said...

I just adore the picture of the girls in the washtub... Looks like fun--you've got me all excited for our trip to the "puntkin patch."

Aunt Nay said...

Hey you guys! Stella kinda has a little Janee' pouty-lip doesn't she? That will make for nice, full lips when she gets older. She is so cute, they both are. I just want to eat them up!