Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boys will be boys

Here's an interesting parody ad I saw on the back of a magazine I received for free.  Now, I don't have a boy, and I've never raised a boy, but it seems to me that boys should be allowed (maybe even encouraged?) to get hurt often.  That is, boys should be allowed to be boys, so when they are done being boys, they will be men.


sarahross said...

An interesting ad. I noticed you weren't the only one to post it: it:http://wittingshire.blogspot.com/2008/02/e-masql8-cure-for-common-boy.html

tracey fields said...

listen...as a mom of 4 girls...i'm sick of seeing moms, as well as dads, feminizing their sons!! i don't want my girls to grow up and marry someone who cries harder than they do over an episode of Oprah!

Anonymous said...

Results may vary! Some boys never get done being boys! :-) I cringe when my 9yo DS climbs the neighbors giant pine tree or uses his pocket knife or whatever other semi-dangerous activity. But I know I have to let him do it... I just go back inside and say a little prayer and grab the camera and the cell phone. Mishaps are well documented at my house, as are triumphs!